musicians, tutorials & voice-over 
Along with providing industry quality reels for actors, GreyManPro can help you seek out and find an agent. We hand-pick scripts for you to choose from and make a reel that highlights your voice talents. 
(Please check out some examples from our featured talent below. 
Other examples can be found on our SOUND CLOUD PAGE.)
Meghan Hanlon
Lara Knox
John Angeles
Theo Rubinstein
GreyManPro also provides Professional Tutorials. 
Do your clients call your customer service team to ask the 
same questions over and over? There is a better way to help them.  
Many company websites can be confusing. 
In order to best help your new clients navigate your company's website, 
we offer step-by-step video tutorials as a guide.
With customized video to explain how your website works, your clients 
will log in more often and be more interactive.  

Please watch this video to view examples of our work for a 
featured client, "1stdibs." ~~~>
Music Video/Campaigns
Corporate Online Tutorials
This is a quick preview. New campaigns & videos will be shared soon.